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Mono Lake and Arsenic References
By Ron Oremland, USGS

All posted with permission. Click on the document image to view the PDF, or in the list of additional references below the images.

Arsenic References

Switzer Blum, J., A. Burns Bindi, J. Buzzelli, J.F. Stolz, and R.S. Oremland. 1998. Bacillus arsenicoselenatis sp. nov., and Bacillus selenitireducens sp. nov. : two haloalkaliphiles from Mono Lake, California which respire oxyanions of selenium and arsenic. Arch. Microbiol. 171: 19 – 30. (abstract is free)

Joye, S.B., T.L. Connell, L.G. Miller, R. Jellison, and R.S. Oremland. 1999. Oxidation of ammonia and methane in an alkaline, saline lake. Limnol. Oceanogr. 44: 178 - 188. (free)

Connell, T.L., S.B. Joye, L.G. Miller, and R.S. Oremland. 1997. Bacterial oxidation of methyl bromide in Mono Lake, California. Env. Sci. Technol. 31: 1489 - 1495. (Website down when attempted to retrieve)

Visscher, P.T., J.R. Guidetti, C.W. Culbertson, and R.S. Oremland. 1996. Dimethylsulfoniopropionate as a potential methanogenic substrate in Mono Lake sediments. P. 361 - 368 in R.P. Kiene, P.T. Visscher, M.D. Keller, and G.O. Kirst (eds), Biological and Environmental Chemistry of DMSP and Related Sulfonium Compounds. Plenum Press, N.Y. (textbook)

Steinberg, N.A. and R.S. Oremland.  1990.  Dissimilatory selenate reduction potentials in a diversity of sediment types.  Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 56:  3550-3557. (free)

and more from similar lakes...

Arsenic references for similar lakes to Mono Lake

Oremland, R.S., L. Marsh, and D.J. Des Marais.  1982.  Methanogenesis in Big Soda Lake, Nevada:  An alkaline, moderately hypersaline desert lake.  Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 43:  462-468. (free)

Cloern, J.E., B.E. Cole, and R.S. Oremland.  1983.  Seasonal changes in the chemical and biological nature of a meromictic lake (Big Soda Lake, Nevada, USA).  Hydrobiologia. 105:  195-206. (abstract is free)

Oremland, R.S.  1983.  Hydrogen metabolism by decomposing cyanobacterial aggregates in Big Soda Lake, Nevada.  Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 45:  1519-1525. (free)

Cloern, J.E., B.A. Cole, and R.S. Oremland.  1983.  Autotrophic processes in Big Soda Lake, Nevada.  Limnol & Oceanog. 28:  1049-1061. (free)

Oremland, R.S. and D.J. Des Marais.  1983.  Distribution, abundance, and carbon isotopic composition of gaseous hydrocarbons in Big Soda Lake, Nevada:  An alkaline, meromictic lake.  Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta. 47:  2107-2114. (abstract is free)

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Alkalilimnicola ehrlichii sp. nov., a novel, arsenite-oxidizing haloalkaliphilic gammaproteobacterium capable of chemoautotrophic or heterotrophic growth with nitrate or oxygen as the electron acceptor Formation of Tellurium Nanocrystals during Anaerobic Growth of Bacteria That Use Te Oxyanions as Respiratory Electron Acceptors Arsenic and Selenium in Microbial Metabolism Respiratory Arsenate Reductase as a Bidirectional Enzyme Enrichment and isolation of Bacillus beveridgei sp. nov., a facultative anaerobic haloalkaliphile from Mono Lake, California, that respires oxyanions of tellurium, selenium, and arsenic Microbial Transformations of Arsenic in the Environment: From Soda Lakes to Aquifers The respiratory arsenate reductase from Bacillus selenitireducens strain MLS10 Dissimilatory Arsenate Reduction with Sulfide as Electron Donor: Experiments with Mono Lake Water and Isolation of Strain MLMS-1, a Chemoautotrophic Arsenate Respirer Coupled Arsenotrophy in a Hot Spring Photosynthetic Biofilm at Mono Lake, California Effects of Imposed Salinity Gradients on Dissimilatory Arsenate Reduction, Sulfate Reduction, and Other Microbial Processes in Sediments from Two California Soda Lakes Dissimilatory Arsenate and Sulfate Reduction in Sediments of Two Hypersaline, Arsenic-Rich Soda Lakes: Mono and Searles Lakes, California Microbial Arsenic Metabolism: New Twists on an Old Poison Bacterial dissimilatory reduction of arsenate and sulfate in meromictic Mono Lake, California Bacterial ethane formation from reduced, ethylated sulfur compounds in anoxic sediments Sources and flux of natural gases from Mono Lake, California Distribution, production, and ecophysiology of Picocystis strain ML in Mono Lake, California The microbial arsenic cycle in Mono Lake, California Respiratory arsenate reductase as a bidirectional enzyme Arsenic(III) Fuels Anoxygenic Photosynthesis in Hot Spring Biofilms from Mono Lake, California The Ecology of Arsenic Structural and Spectral Features of Selenium Nanospheres Produced by Se-Respiring Bacteria Arsenic, microbes and contaminated aquifers Nitrogen Fixation Dynamics of Two Diazotrophic Communities in Mono Lake, California Meromixis in hypersaline Mono Lake, California. Biogeochemical response to stratification and overturn Zehr 1987 Smith 1987 Iversen 1987 Cloern 1987 Oremland 2005 Blum 2009