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Mono Basin Final EIR Volume 1

Volume 1 of the Final EIR covers the chapters from the Chapter 1 through Chapter 8.

Title Page (7K) Final Environmental Impact Report for the Review of Mono Basin Water Rights of the City of Los Angeles  
Table of Contents & List of Tables and Figures (11K)


List of Acronyms and Abbreviations (7K)


Chapter 1 Introduction (27K) 
  • Public Review of the Draft EIR
  • Commenters on the Draft EIR
  • Evaluation of Comments
  • Content and Organization of Final EIR


Table 1-1 (16K) Comment Response Codes 
Chapter 2 Proposed Project and Project Alternatives (15K)   
  • Proposed Project and Project Objectives
  • Project Alternatives


Chapter 3 Summary of Major Conclusions (33K) 
  • Major Conclusions by Topic Area
  • Environmentally Superior Alternative
  • Mitigation Measures
Table 3-1 (7K) Summary of Mitigation Measures



Chapter 4: Major Issues and SWRCB Responses

Chapter 4a (126K)

  • Introduction
  • Legal Issues (X)
  • Hydrology and Formulation or Characterization of Alternatives (A)
  • Water Quality (B)

Chapter 4b (92K)

  • Vegetation (C)
  • Fisheries (D)
  • Aquatic Productivity (E)

Chapter 4c (98K)

  • Wildlife (F)
  • Land Use (G)
  • Air Quality (H)

Chapter 4d (91K)

  • Visual Resources (I)
  • Recreation (J)
  • Cultural Resources (K)
  • Los Angeles Water Supply (L)
  • Power Generation (M)
  • Economics (N)


Table 4-1 (7K) Summary of Average Water Budget Terms in LAAMP 2.0 and LAAMP 3.3 for No-Restriction Alternative (TAF/yr)

Table  4-2 (5K) No-Restriction Aqueduct Capacities and Constraints in LAAMP 2.0 and LAAMP 3.3

Table 4-3a (4K) Comparison of LAAMP 3.3 and Draft EIR Average Simulated Values for 1940-1989

Table 4-3b(4K) Comparison of LAAMP 3.3 and Draft EIR Average Simulated Values for 1940-1989

Table 4-4 (6K) Streamflows for Simulating DFG Recommendations in LAAMP 3.3

Chapter 7 Errata to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (52K)
  • Introduction
  • Changes to the Draft EIR Chapters
  • Changes to the Draft EIR Appendices


Chapter 8 List of Preparers of Final EIR (10K) 


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