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If you would like to propose additional links, please e-mail . The following links have been compiled so far. As this list grows, we will separate it into categories.

Adaptive Management - A tool for conservation practitioners

Adaptive Management Practitioners' Network

All Academic - The guide to free academic resources online

Alpine Microbial Observatory

AmphibiaWeb - A home page for every species of amphibian in the world

Birds of North America - Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the American Ornithologist's Union

Butterflies of North America - USGS

California Digital Conservation Atlas - California GIS maps online

California Partners in Flight - Conservation Plans:
Coniferous Forest Bird Conservation Plan
Draft Desert Bird Conservation Plan
Riparian Bird Conservation Plan
Sagebrush Bird Conservation Plan

Sierra Nevada Bird Conservation Plan

California Pika Consortium - interdisciplinary collaborative effort to foster research, monitoring, education, conservation, and adaptation planning for pikas and other high elevation species

California Reptiles and Amphibians -  An Illustrated Exploration of California's Herpetofauna

California Roadkill Observation System - submit and track roadkill observations statewide

California Watershed Assessment Manual - Science-based approach for watershed evaluations

CDEC - California Data Exchange Center (Dept. of Water Resources)
CDEC Station IDs in the Mono Lake Basin

CNDDB - California Department of Fish and Game Natural Diversity Database

CERES - California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (Mono County Statistics)

Center for Watershed Protection - lots of watershed resources

Climate Change
Climate Choices: Global Warming and Climate Change in California
California Climate Change Portal

Our Changing Climate: Assessing the Risks to California
California Climate Action Registry
Presentations (pdf) from the recent (Sept 2006) Third Annual California Climate Conference
National Phenology Network
PSW Energy and Fuel Conservation Initiative

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, & Snow Network

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Droughts, Epic Droughts and Droughty Centuries--Lessons from California's Paleoclimatic Record

DRI - Desert Research Institute

Eastern Sierra Land Trust conservations easements in Mono County

Ecological Modeling Server - ISEM Europe at the University of Kassel

Environmental Change and its Impact on Species/Ecosystems/Agriculture Bibliography - American Society of International Law - Wildlife Interest Group

Environmental Management Internet Research Register - Current and published research beyond just the Mono Basin.

EPA STORET - Environmental Data System

Fairchild Aerial Photography Collection at Whittier College - 1929, 1930, and 1954 photos of the Mono Basin

Fire Ecology Database - Tall Timbers Research Station

FirstGov - Search all 27 million of the US government's Web Pages

Global Warming and Songbirds in California (nationwide report) (ABC)

Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy - informative and interactive maps

Halophilic Microorganisms and their Environments - Chapter 16 is on Mono Lake and Big Soda Lake. The volume is intended for researchers and students interested in microbial physiology, microbial ecology, environmental sciences, and extremophilic biotechnology.

Harvey Monroe Hall Research Natural Area (USFS PSW Research Station)

ICE - Information Center for the Environment (UC Davis)

Impacts of Birdwatching on Human and Avian Communities (Environmental Conservation)

Intermountain West Waterbird Conservation (USFWS) - A gateway to Federal and State invasive species activities and programs - Mono County

Jeffrey Pine Beetle - Biology and Ecology

LADWP - Los Angeles Department of Water and Power; Real-time hydrologic data for the Mono Basin

Limits of Acceptable Change: A Framework for Managing National Protected Areas: 
Experiences from the United States

Macroinvertebrate ID Key - PEERS database of 37 aquatic invertebrates. Searchable by number of tails, common name, number of legs, pollution sensitivity, and order.

Mining Claims Map - Environmental Working Group map showing all historic and current mining claims and patents.

Modular Modeling System (MMS): A Modeling Framework for Multidisciplinary Research and Operational Applications

Mono County Libraries

Mono-Inyo Craters Tephra Database - University of Buffalo

MLC - Mono Lake Committee

Mono Lake WETMAAP Information - Wetland Education through Maps And Aerial Photography

Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve

Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa) - Excellent site by Dale Steele

Mountain Yellow-legged Frog - Informative, up-to-date site by Dr. Roland Knapp

MtnClim - Consortium for Integrated Climate Research in Western Mountains

NDOW Sage Grouse Conservation Program

NEPA documents recently approved in Mono County

National Management Measures to Control Nonpoint Source Pollution from Marinas and Recreational Boating

NatureServe - an online encyclopedia of life (Association for Biodiversity Information)
A searchable database for more than 50,000 plants, animals, and ecological communities of the United States and Canada.

North American Cowbird Advisory Council - Ensuring that all phases of cowbird management are based on good science and are executed in a cost-effective manner.

Pacific Institute - Water: The Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change ( entire report 1.84MB)

PAGES - Past Global Changes Program
Dec. 2000 Newsletter article with info on Mono Lake by Connie Millar (2MB)

Phytoplankton Image Library

PRBO - Point Reyes Bird Observatory - Bird Species of Special Concern List

River Restoration at UC Berkeley

Rocky Mountain Institute - Library: Water Site contains RMI publications on water resources, focusing on conservation, efficiency, and restoration.

Sage Grouse and Shrubsteppe Management in the Intermountain West - SAGEMAP - A GIS Database for Sage Grouse and Shrubsteppe Management in the Intermountain West

Scirus - A search engine for scientific information only.

Sierra Nature Notes - The Online Journal of Natural History News In the Sierra Nevada (Yosemite Association)

SNARL - Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory

SNBSF - Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation

Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Recovery Program - California Department of Fish and Game

SNEP - Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project

SORA - Searchable Ornithological Research Archive

Storm Over Mono - Out of print, but read it online!

Stream Corridor Restoration - Principles, Processes, and Practices. Federal Interagency Stream Corridor Restoration Working Group. Site contains projects, samples, slide shows, discussions. Also contains Links to Restoration Websites.

Trees of California - Information on biology and natural history for many species.

TreeSearch - searchable database of USFS forestry publications

Database of Online Documents Covering Water and Agriculture - USDA Ag Research Service Water Quality Information Center at the National Agricultural Library (over 500 publications available)

UC Berkeley Database (results for a search for "Mono Lake")

UC Berkeley Digital Library Project
CalPhotos Database - For Mono County (492 photos), contains 4 mammal, 88 habitat, 2 culture, 321 flower, 39 tree, 32 shrub, 6 misc. plant, 38 Mono Lake.
CalFlora Database - For Mono County (1815 matches), contains 429 annual herbs/wildflowers, 1180 perennial herbs/wildflowers, 229 grass-like plants, 45 trees, 223 shrubs, 13 vines, 48 non-natives, 91 rare/special status.
Dams in Mono County - from the California Dams Database
Photos of Mono Lake - from DWR
California Environmental Documents

UC Berkeley Water Resources Center Archives
Mono Lake Committee Collection - the location where Mono Lake Committee documents are archived.
Michael F. Magliari Papers - legal documents pertaining to state-level Mono Lake legislation.

UC Center for Water Resources

UC Santa Barbara Alexandria Digital Library Project

USEPA Index of Watershed Indicators for Mono Lake

USFS Image Database

USGS Streamflow Gauging Stations in the Mono Basin
Real time USGS streamflows outside the basin

USGS Digital Bathymetric Model of Mono Lake, California

USGS Fact Sheets for California

Understanding Lake Ecology - a 21-page limnology primer

The Water Cycle - USGS

Water in the West - a project of Cascadia Times

Water Librarians' Home Page

Web Index of California Plants

Western Shorebird Survey

Wieslander Vegetation Type Maps & Photographs - Mono Basin is in quads 71, 75, 76

Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation

WMRS - White Mountain Research Station; Online Database Access; Southwest Great Basin Studies


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