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U.S. Marine Training at Mono Lake in 1950s

Back in the mid 50's I was in the USMC's 1st Reconnaissance Bn. (fr Cp Pendelton). During those years we trained at Mono Lake.. I was  Recon "Scout Swimmer" in those days and during nights swam ahead of my Recon Platoon to the Island-they were in rubber boats.. strangely the Island & waters were so different & unknown..we were turned about by our Powers To Be (no answer), something to do with private property rights so venturing inboard was verbotten.... When I landed ashore on the island we heard what we thought were goats..who knows, lotsa tales... I do know the lake was very unpleasant to swim in & had lotsa weird growth in it.. yuck

SSgt-USMC, 1273428
CWO-USArmy Ret.

USMC: RVN '65-'66/'69-'70
K 3/3; RLT-7; BLT 3/3
H 2/3; SLF  Bravo; SLF 2/3; 1stCAG;

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