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Photos of the Nay Ranch

All photos and most text courtesy of Bill Nay.

In 1898 the Nay Boat was the first naphtha-powered boat on Mono Lake. It was hauled from Southern California on a wagon.

The Nay family dock, built in 1898, photo taken by Bill Nay in 2005.

Bill Nay's Grandmother with his father and his aunts just before they moved away from Mono Lake in 1925. The house is still there across from the lake near the highway as you head north from Lee Vining.

An early picture of the "icebox tufa" on the Nay Ranch.

Click on the image of the 1900 Census to enlarge.

An early picture of Orvis W. Nay and his bride May A. Nay. After his mother sold the ranch at Mono Lake he had eventually ended up in Coalinga, CA where he met May A. Satchell. After they were married they moved back to Mono Lake. They lived at Mono Lake from about 1914 to 1924. Orvis worked the mines at Lundy and May was a midwife.

Orvis and May's three children Mary, Ruby and William (Bill Nay's father).

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